The Rich Girls Are Weeping

19 September 2006

Monday was a busy night in Austin. Actually, it was the kind of evening that makes you wonder what other cities have on our provinicial backwater burg ... until you remember all the other nights you really wish you were somewhere else. *ahem*

But really, can you imagine anywhere else (maybe besides the glam metros of the world) where a crowd of nearly 100 people gathered in our beloved high rent firetrap of a movie theater that serves beer and food to see Austin's very best nouveau no wave band (Cry Blood Apache) and watch a little picaresque film about French punk and no wave bands (La Brune et Moi)? (As well as the teaser reel from the in-progress French pop doco Bardot A Go Go...) Yeah, me neither. And then, not two blocks up and two over, there was a breathtaking performance from Joanna Newsom and Smog at the Parish. So yeah, we may complain, but sometimes, Austin is a really neat place. Smotheringly hot, horrifically isolated, woefully segregated, and full of people who can't drive for shit -- but neat nonetheless.

La Brune et Moi

Edith Nylon -- Tank (found here)
Aretefact -- Mae
Mathematiques Modernes -- Disco Rough [Ian Smagghe edit]
Nini Raviolette -- Je-Suis Normale

(the preceding three tracks can be found on Tigersushi's great genre-spanning comp So Young But So Cold, Underground French Music 1977-1983)

In demand:

Cerrone -- Supernature (Danny Tengalia Radio Mix) (info)
Arthur Russell -- Springfield (DFA Mix) (info)
The Slits -- Number One Enemy (site)

Hand-plucked from the PR box:

White Rabbits. Produced by Chris Zane (Calla, Asobi Seksu, Les Savy Fav). New material indicates that the White Rabbits have exited the world of spaz-rock by exercising the following equation: ((The Walkmen + Calla)/The Band)^The Sadies = creaky, jangling postmodern bizzaro surf rock with secret dark corners and a kick ass rhythm section. Check out "Kid On My Shoulders" at their Myspace page.


TONIGHT @ the beauty bar: paradise park presents pompeii and cassette and dj sets from kid indie. be there or be a very dull quadrilateral. FREE!!!

TOMORROW @ chain drive: Secret Weapons, Til We're Blue or Destroy, The Quicks, and dj sets from YR GIRLS IN THE DJ CAGE, The Rich Girls Are Weeping. Again, be there, or I'll be forced to call you a cone-butt. Or worse! FREE!!!

Things forgotten: Leisure Goth! Hipster Cazh! That would be how your hostesses dress on off nights -- this mode of dress usually involves ANYTHING BUT JEANS. We're protesting the jeans-and-camis look. No, really.


Blogger Pinkie von Bloom said...

la brune et moi just added fuel to the argument that you can become famous simply by being a mildly creative, but mostly completely useless, barnacle on the ass of socity. the statement anouschka's manager made about her fakeness was a better punchline than the ending. but edith nylon's self-aggrandisement was the raddest thing i've seen in ages.

i really didn't mean that to sound as bitter as it did, since i myself have experienced the reality that if you present yourself like someone important, you're afforded attention accordingly. the cosmic joke is that is that the success of the above importance equation is directly corelated to not being fake. weird, huh.

scenester navel-gazing. how fascinating. =P

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:10:00 PM  
Blogger cindy hotpoint said...

Best self-namecheck in a song EVER, really. Being that it's the entire chorus and all.

How weird indeed. We've all done our fair share of fakery, blagging, self-concious laughing, and mincing small-talk making. Comes with the territory, I guess.

I suppose, in the end, that's all okay as long as you don't leave one the members of your band dead, after a booze-and-drugs fueled fuck, in your manager/sugar daddy's bathtub. A good lesson all around, really.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:19:00 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Please remove all Arthur Russell files.


Steve Knutson
Audika Records

Thursday, December 14, 2006 1:02:00 AM  

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