The Rich Girls Are Weeping

21 September 2006

Well, first of all, my home computer is dead -- so I may not have any exciting, exclusive-like posts for a few days, as 99% of my mp3 collection is now locked up on an inaccessable hard drive... ack! Hopefully, the nice dudes at the shop will be able to fix it... So, for now, how about one of the best videos EVER?

World Famous Supreme Team - "Hey DJ" (thx, SFJ)

Last night's setlists. We had a great time, even though dear Terry was greatly missed. We had tons of visitors in the cage (thx to everyone who stopped in to say hi or ask about a track!), including one Erik Wofford, who came up during the Snowden track to say, "Hey, I recorded that!" and to complement our selector-skillz. Such a nice and quite talented young man!

Adult. - Hand to Phone (Cordless Mix) // Burt Bacharach - Close to You // The Crystals - When the Right Boy Comes Along // The Affair - Andy // Colourbox - You Keep Me Hanging On // The Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter // Sixteen Deluxe - Idea // Spoon - 30 Gallon Tank // Japan - Gentlemen Take Polaroids // Blowoff - Saturday Night All the Time // Blancmange - See the Train // Love and Rockets - Kundalini Express // The Kills - Run Home Slow // Pale Saints - Angel (Will You Be My) // Havana Guns - She Always Goes Down // Chapterhouse - Breather // Snowden - Like Bullets // The Last Night - Some Sensation // Hot IQs - Firecracker // Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane

Elton Mortello - Jet Boy Jet Girl // Flesh for Lulu - I Go Crazy (When I'm Without You) // Space Cowboy - I Know What Girls Like // The Faint - Paranoia // The Infadels - Love Like Semtex (Team 9 Remix) // Mathématiques Modernes - Disco Rough Disco Rough [Ian Smagghe edit]

The Blow - Pile of Gold // Book of Love - Boy // Unrest - Cath Carroll // Liz Phair - Jealousy // The Libertines - Last Post on the Bugle // Jonathan Fire*Eater - These Little Monkeys // Siouxsie and the Banshees - This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us // Sparks - Occupation

Celebration - Foxes // Television - See No Evil // Roxy Music - Sign of the Times // Lene Lovich - Bird Song // Japan - Life in Tokyo // Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight // Book of Love - Lullaby // Keely Smith - Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody // Carter Family - Walk the Line // Dinah Washington - I Get a Kick Out of You // Bette Midler - Friends

Sadly, October 4th is our last night at the Chain Drive...but we have exciting things planned. Stay tuned!


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