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22 March 2007

Recaps, part three. This set comes from old friends ... and new. I usually spend SXSW gallivanting around with a group of old friends that includes contributors Meg and Dan -- it was a joy to introduce them to the wonders of Magnolia Cafe, queso, and Lone Star beer a few years back. Now they're hardened veterans, and the perfect people to provide recaps in my place. Also, I would like to think that had I been there this year, I would have spent at least a little time in the company of Gerard. Probably in a hot tub with James Iha, Har Mar Superstar, and Nardwuar -- drinking mai tais. Wait, didn't that happen last year...?


I did not DJ a party, or throw a party, or meet anyone famous, or get
into the show that no one else could get into. I did not sign a deal,
or sign anyone else, or get so fucked up I stood on top of a
stranger's roof. I did not change my life like my life's never been
changed, I did not find brilliantly untold meanings, I did not know
about things that no one knew about. I did not always think before I
spoke, I did not always comport myself with the dignity befitting a
young lady. I did not not indulge, I did not not get sunburned, I did
not abstain, I did not get lost. I did not always buckle my seatbelt.

Austin's finest ambassador was the young lady who firmly blocked me
from re-entering the Dity Dog Bar with an arm and a simple truth:
"It's two in the morning. GO HOME."

I did not heed her advice.

Meghan Deans has liked "the indie rock" since it first pulled her hair, called her fat, and ran to the other side of the playground.


The best show I saw was David Byrne making a pretty decent-looking brisket sandwich at Iron Works. The best show I saw was Har Mar Superstar putting his shirt back on. The best show I saw was Daniel Johnston and Public Enemy at the Doobie Awards. The best show I saw was Amy Winehouse and Voxtrot playing "Roundabout" at the Vice afterparty (y'know, the real Vice afterparty). The best show I saw was the Stooges and the Buzzcocks handing out Yaris stickers outside the Beauty Bar. The best show I saw was Tim Harrington ripping off his wristbands and throwing them into the crowd at Red 7. "I need that one back," he hollered, "that's worth $100." The best show I saw was Gregg Gillis trying and failing to pee in the communal trough at Elysium. The best show I saw was Gerard Cosloy executing a perfect fakie double stalefish at some skate ramp. The best show I saw was Moby listening to a Zune in line at an ATM. The best show I saw was an A&R guy eating a brisket sandwich outside Iron Works. "South by SO WHAT," he said to whoever was on the other end of his Bluetooth earpiece, and cackled at his own joke until I was out of earshot.

Daniel Cohen is not a contributor to


Gerard favorite part for SXSW is for when Gerard get back to home and make play Wii Sports instead for make talk to stupid haircut people with ugly boots and business cards. Also afterparties. Yes.

Gerard is the owner and operator of Gerard vs. Bear



Blogger Andy Fenwick said...

Awesome coverage. And Gerard is my new hero. Best blog ever.

Please tell Shearwater I want them to drive to Houston and ask Jandek if they can back him on his next 3 albums.

PS - jfrank will be daily now, since he was forced to use his employment-escape-pod a few weeks ago.

Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:14:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No way, dude. Shearwater isn't backing anyone before they do that next Tanita Tikaram record (you know, since Interpol got too busy for the job).

Thursday, March 22, 2007 1:26:00 PM  
Blogger darkangel said...

There's a Magnolia Cafe in Chicago. They serve the best blue/potato cheesecake in the world...yummy.

Friday, March 30, 2007 4:45:00 PM  

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