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16 April 2007

So, whilst people were having the best time ever over at the Of Montreal show/karaoke jam (it did sound way fun...) at the always-entertaining Studio B, we were having the best time ever seeing Calla at the Bowery Ballroom -- which, given my informal survey after the show and this morning, is proving to be one of everyone's favorite Calla shows ever, it seems (second only to that one last February at Northsix, maybe). They were tight, they were on, and they were brutally lovely. But more on that later... and some other events of the evening, including a nice turn from the Sugar Report and a predictably dull and soul-less (though tight, mind you) set from Dirty on Purpose -- AND the part where we were mistaken for glamorous burlesque queens headed for our shift at The Slipper Room. Color us flattered! Must be my new Chinatown special haircut ($20!) and hot new shoes with the dirty cone heels or Pinkie's high-Weimar Republic makeup scheme, starring Nars' Exhibit A blush and her four-inch dance-a-tattoo-on-yr-grave heels. (No, I'm not kidding. We're still laughing about it, even now. Gotta love NYC.) [Note from Pinkie: Dude, those are five inch heels.]

But for now, we have the second in our two-part series of extra special Voxtrot content, live footage of "Your Biggest Fan" intercut (via the editing skillz of Reynard Seifert) with even more road hijinx and co-starring the Golden Gate Bridge -- I tell you, that tour with Au Revoir Simone is gonna be like the best boy-girl party ever. EVER.

Other big news of the day: So, was the first Interpol show on Canadian pre-release tour lackluster -- or was it first-night jitters? (Were you there? Do tell!) If you're >dyingfor a peek at the new material, head this way (beware of the crappy resolution, though). In other news, you got your tickets for the secret Spoon show at the Bowery Ballroom next Monday, right? Should be a grand old time. They haven't played a venue that small in NYC since ... what, 2001? 2002?

ps -- i fixed the mp3 links on the entry below -- sorry about that. but now, like, the comment link isn't working. WTF? I checked the code, and the bit for the comments just isn't there -- but is on all the other posts. If anyone has suggestions as to what might be going on, please do let me know.

pss -- Brian Banks of Ear to Ear Productions makes $20,000 a pop writing 30-second compositions for commercials -- most of them Fortune 500 companies. Once upon a time, he sold pianos and synths in LA in the 70's and was a session musician -- most notably on Thriller. Now, you hear his compositions several times a day, probably. (via Fortune, link forthcoming)

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