The Rich Girls Are Weeping: August 2007

30 August 2007

Well, hello -- its been too long! Thanks to Idolator for linking to us today, btw!

This is a brief message to let know that after nearly two years in operation, we're moving on. No whining and crying about how we're just not that into this project anymore -- the truth of the matter is that things are a lot different for both of us lately. NYC has offered us a lot more opportunities, professionally and socially, than we ever could have imagined back in Austin, and some of our priorities have changed recently. (Plus -- well, if you haven't noticed, the blog world's beyond oversaturated these days.)

But don't fret -- I've got another blog project in the works (NO REALLY, I'll post here when it's up and running for all you loyal feed readers...), I'm working on a music-related book project (er, looking for an agent, drop a line if you can be of assistance!), and we are hard at work on the upcoming launch of our line of custom knitwear for discerning gentlemen at Kindling & Tinder -- in addition to saving the world daily at our day jobs! (No really. Seriously. That's what Pinkie does!)

Thank you for reading. (Oh, and we're still available for DJ gigs, btw!)

Thanks to all the bands for all the great music; we're still listening.

And, in true Rich Girls fashion, we leave you with a charming useless factoid -- we noticed tonight whilst surfing the music video channels that the video for Billy Joel's "A Matter of Trust" was filmed on St. Mark's Place, probably at No. 31, now the home of St. Mark's Deli Grocery. Watch for the awning of the now-closed-by-the-health-department cheap Japanese joint Dojo, if you don't believe us!


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