The Rich Girls Are Weeping

10 March 2008

(photo credit: Chrissy Lush)

What can you say about seeing Nick Cave? Even a truncated, kind of under-rehearsed set?

It was fucking awesome.

Especially now that we're uh, grown-up ladies. Because, although we've been fans since high school, or perhaps earlier -- we can't quite agree on that point -- we'd never seen Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds play live.

(We imagine we both probably saw the video for "The Mercy Seat" and thought: He's pretty, but this is kinda scary...)

But you know, it all made sense when it came down to parsing out preferences a few years down the road. Suddenly, that brand of grown-up male sexuality wasn't so intimidating. It was ... hot.

And even though Nick Cave is kind of ridiculous and balding and still flails about in a gawky way (but never, I would say, a parody of himself ... or Neil Diamond -- at least not too badly), we were just as uh, moved as when we were teenage girls.

Gentlemen, I warn you. He's set that bar pretty high. Keep tryin', y'all. And for those of you just a centimeter from grasping it full in hand, we salute you. Because you're awesome.

And to the pretty, pretty boy in the crowd with that spectac mohawk/lazy eye configuration: Bless you, my child -- keep fighting the good fight. This one's for you:

Other PLUG Award highlights: St. Vincent was also pretty incredible and The Forms aren't quite ready to play venues as big as Terminal Five. Speaking of -- the last time we saw White Denim was at Chain Drive, so seeing them in a venue that large was just weird. And hey, I finally got to see Dizzee Rascal, and probably will never see him again. Not surprisingly, Jose Gonzales was kind of a yawner. Matt LeMay, we saw yr. hair, but not the rest of you -- do you need a Nick Cave primer now, or have you absorbed the entire ouevre since Thursday? Oh and! Sorry Bryce, I'm totally night blind and totally thought you were Aaron...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meh. I had no idea that Natasha Khan did a set before the show started. The things you learn from that LeMay kid.

Monday, March 10, 2008 1:47:00 PM  

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