The Rich Girls Are Weeping

02 May 2006

Don't think twice, it's all right. An open letter to publicists, managers, bands, etc.: I know we're not all perfect and everyone is prone to error -- but before you send out a press release it would be awesome if you'd proofread the message for grammatical and spelling errors AND maybe remember to put ID tags on the mp3 you've sent or asked me to download and want me to post in my blog along with gushing positive comments.

Because, you know, I downloaded the mp3 you sent me and then, finding the track information missing once it was loaded into iTunes (with the 20+ tracks I downloaded today), I spent about an hour trying to remember from which blog it originated (you know, so as to find out the name of the artist, track, and album in question) before I remembered that it was from you. So yeah, just sayin'. Needless to say, I will not be posting it with mindless gushing positive comments. And, because I'm a nice person, I'll save you some embarassment by not naming names.


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