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03 May 2006

In which it is revealed that I am a sentimental sap. Oh, look what I found on my hard drive! Electronic! I may have mentioned this before, but I was totally into Electronic (that would be the side project of The Smiths' Johnny Marr and New Order's Bernard Sumner) without actually being a fan of The Smiths or New Order at the time. See, growing up in El Paso, it was like, practically normal to like gloomy English pop things (and wear Misfits hoodies) -- and I've never been one to be into what everyone else is into. So when everyone cursed that new supergroup Electronic as not being nearly as good as The Smiths or New Order, I gave them a listen -- you know, because I'm so very contrary like that. And I wasn't disappointed. It's more apparent to me now, but I think what really grabbed me was Mr. Marr's guitar work meshed with the synths brought by Mr. Sumner. And as an added bonus, that over-emotive Morrissey guy wasn't doing the singing! (Yeah, I know -- thought Morrissey was so lame back then! I'll have to write about the night 7 years ago, while browsing for movies at Austin institution I <3 Video, that I decided I actually loved The Smiths, just kind of unprompted and out of the blue. True story!) Anyway, I adored Electronic's self-titled record, and seem to remember completely wearing out at tape that had Electronic on one side and Jesus Jones on the other. Yes, really.

"Getting Away With It" is still a perfect little pop gem -- never has a plaintive meditation on the foibles of love been so danceable. (Of course, it doesn't surprise me now to find out that The Pet Shop Boys' Neil Tennant co-wrote and sang on the track -- I guess maybe I knew that, but maybe forgot about it.) Also included here is instrumental "Lucky Bag" which is begging to be mashed up with something, but I can't put my finger quite on what.

Electronic -- Getting Away With It (Extended Version)
Electronic -- Lucky Bag

I'm cooking up something special to post later in tribute to my little sister's 18th birthday yesterday. (And don't worry, I'm so posting Johnny Cash and Oscar the Grouch later this week, I promise!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's even better than this is (imho) the last great Electronic record, "Disappointed".

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 2:18:00 PM  

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