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22 June 2006

Late additions. Goodness, there was a lot of stuff floating around today, wasn't there?

In which I characteristically smash a buzz band, but not too badly: So, do you think that Elton John will come after The Foundry Field Recordings for the rather uh, blatant rip of "Rocket Man" on "Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts?" Do you think Robert Smith will be 'round next to collect the Cure-iness? I was rather taken by the first 30 seconds, all instrumental, until the vocals kicked in. They're much much too thin. It seems to me like the track is rather badly mixed/engineered despite the general lushness -- it's just kind of sub-parin that regard, but I am picky about these things. There's certainly gobs of potential here, though, as demonstrated in the other songs on the band's new full-length, Prompts/Miscues -- which I don't mind saying. Not at all.

The Foundry Field Recordings -- Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts

You guys! Why didn't anyone tell me about The Boy Least Likely To's cover of George Michael's "Faith?" Do you think they'll do a followup with "Freedom '90?" Don't tell, but uh, both are totally two of my all-time favorite songs. (I'm less fond of "Monkey," though.) No, really.

The Boy Least Likely To -- Faith

How bummed out am I that I won't be able to see Frida Hyvönen on tour with Jens Lekman? (OMG! Frida Hyvönen!!! RIYL: Rufus Wainwright, Regina Spektor, Nellie McKay, Barbara Morgenstern, etc...) Seriously bummed out. Anyone want to uh, underwrite a trip to any of these dates? The NYC show is already sold out, even.

Frida Hyvönen -- The Modern


Blogger Dinah said...

Thanks for the George Michael cover. Total awesomeness.

Saturday, June 24, 2006 3:31:00 PM  

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