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22 June 2006

Toolin' 'round the neighborhood. From the fabulous J. Frank Parnell at Stop Loving Everything, an entree to El Perro Del Mar. I'm with him on the inital assesement: Is the work of Ms. Assbring (yes, unfortunately, that is her given name) is brilliant, or precocious and shallow and ultimately derivative? I need more time to consider this. In the meantime, check out the tracks that he's posted, let me know what you think.

Captain Ahab won the Snakes on a Plane soundtrack competition over at TagWorld. Yes. They Won The Grand Prize -- which means "Snakes on the Brain" will appear on the film's soundtrack. Seriously, my only response to this is OMGWTFYAY! Congrats, Jim & Jonathan -- I'll totally buy ya a margarita or two next time I see y'alls!

In NYC tonight? The Hourly Radio or Blacklist would like to entertain you at the Annex and Lit, respectively. In Austin? Benko and Midori Umi are at Room 710 (along with The Paper South, Friday After Dark). And on top of that, the Faceless Werewolves open for precocious Nashvillians Be Your Own PET at the Parish and Steve Arceri, Real Live Tigers, and more play at 423 Tillery. Dang.

[And don't forget, as if you could at this point, really, (ha!) about our DJ duties tomorrow night at Emo's Corner Bar!]

And while we're pushing items from pals and acquaintances, I can't more highly recommend Everyday is Saturday Night, the new debut full-length from Austin's very own Darling New Neighbors. I hope recommending them isn't a repeat of the entry behind this link; the DNN are definitely on the lo-fi tip, engage in charming near-dischordant harmonies, and occasionally deploy both a fiddle and an accordion.

Look, it's like this really: I wish I could just take you all to a DNN show at the Carousel Lounge. Not that the album is bad, or not representative of their sound -- to the contrary, it is really great. It's just that I'm of the opinion that one's first exposure to the band is best served by the experience that is the DNN live show, preforably with cheap setups and booze your friends carried around all day in backpacks and briefcases, knowing they'd end up at the Carousel later that night. But, I could be wrong about that. However, y'alls in the Midwest will find out soon enough -- catch the DNN in your neck of the woods this August.

I suppose my only beef with the record is that is that they couldn't include their amazing Whitesnake cover on the album (seriously!); however, it does include two live tracks, one of which I've included here.

Darling New Neighbors -- Seven
Darling New Neighbors -- You're Like Gasoline (live)

Every Day is Saturday Night is available from End of an Ear, Waterloo, Cheapo, and Sound On Sound (all in Austin) now, and from the I Eat Records website soon; national distribution will commence in August.

Oh, and there's a fantastically amusing interview with Red Hunter from Peter and the Wolf over at Austinist.


Blogger J Frank Parnell said...

Aw shucks. Thanks for the shout out. And btw, there's a Lekman solo show at the much smaller Mercury Lounge on 7/19, before the sold out Bowery Ballroom show. I was gonna use The Contacts to get into the Bowery show, but I'm already seeing Os Mutantes that night up the street. I'm certain Jens will play again sometime in the next 30 years, so I'm not heartbroken. But what awful luck for Texas - closest Jens comes is Kansas.

Friday, June 23, 2006 11:00:00 AM  

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