The Rich Girls Are Weeping

05 July 2006

Crochet + cowbell + dirty bass = reasons we love, love, love The Gossip. (Thanks Big Stereo!)

Don't forget our little event tonight, featuring The Ebb and Flow, The Hourly Radio, Protokoll, and A Featherweight Burden. Hope to see you there! I know there's lots of stuff going on, but we'd very much like to be your entertainment option for this evening. Check out the nice little writeup in the Austinist -- and enter to win free tix!

"I have other spaces, but this seems to be mine...": John Wesley Harding (aka literary sensation Wesley Stace), a long-time fave of yr. humble correspondent, has a MySpace music page; there you can hear new track, a murder ballad titled "The Sanguinary Butcher." Relatedly, the swoonworthy Dale Watson and naughty Junior Brown also have a presence on MySpace. Futhermore, I was superpleased this weekend to be 'friended' by Prairie Sun Recording. APPROVED!

John Wesley Harding -- So We Don't Live Alone (This is an adaptation of Dalida's weepy hit "Pour ne pas vivre seul" as it appeared in Francois Ozon's film 8 Women, performed by Firmine Richard.) BTW, There's tons more great live & rare tracks at his site...

Goodbye and good riddance to Top of the Pops? Or is it time to roll out the weepy pangyrics?

Not sure how I missed this one: Seattle's stellar alt.weekly paper, The Stranger, has a music blog. Also, (via Post Punk Junk), The Story of The Fall aims to chronicle each and every serving of skittish yelping by those hyperprolific Mancunians The Fall. They're currently working their way through 1979...

The Fall -- US 80's-90's
The Fall -- Powder Keg

Sidebar: it's great that people send emails soliciting their bands (we really do love to hear from you!), but if you have my (or Pinkie's, for that matter) personal email address, pretty please don't use that -- we prefer these sorts of things routed to elegantfaker AT gmail DOT com. Thank you!


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