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22 August 2006

Woah, totes slammed today! And, yes, we totally owe you a weekend recap that's sitting in draft form, waiting to be finished. Perhaps we'll actually get that up tomorrow. Anyway, happy record release day to two very special TRGAW band-pals: What Made Milwaukee Famous and The Mountain Goats. The new edition of WWMF's Trying to Never Catch Up is out on Barsuk. Here's a fave track of ours that didn't make the cut for the new version...

What Made Milwaukee Famous -- Around the Gills

Catch WMMF on tour with The French Kicks tonight in San Diego, and with The Long Winters in September and October.

I've been very good. Very, VERY good. How you ask? Well, yes, I found The Mountain Goats' Get Lonely on out on the Internets and didn't even get through a whole listen when I decided I would wait to buy a hard copy today. So that's where I'll be after work -- picking it up... Because there's something nice about spending quality time with a record you're looking forward to, examining the pretty liner notes and packaging (which we hope are again designed by the incomparable Vaughan Oliver) and hearing the gorgeous production (courtesy of the divine Scott Solter) on the good speakers, and not through your crappy work headphones.

So, you ask, what's my favorite Mountain Goats song? Too hard to answer, really (today: "Against Pollution" or possibly "Korean Bird Paintings;" tomorrow, who knows) -- but here's a cache of tMG cover tracks that we've posted since setting up shop. There's a few extra-special songs here, of course!

The Mountain Goats -- Cut Yr. Hair (Live Pavement cover)
The Mountain Goats -- Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise (Trembling Blue Stars cover)
The Mountain Goats -- Tell Me On A Sunday (Andrew Lloyd Weber cover)
The Mountain Goats -- Terror Song (Live Furniture Huschle cover)
The Mountain Goats -- The Boys are Back In Town (Live Thin Lizzy cover, with R. Kelly "Remix to Ignition" breakdown)
The Mountain Goats -- The Sign (Live Ace of Base cover)
The Mountain Goats -- White Box (Jandek cover)

(And so much, much more at Le Chemin du Hype or, you know, Le Machine d'exagération)

Oh, hey! That Snowden record is out today too. Don't tell, but Miss Candy Hotpants totally secretly loves this band a whole, whole lot. Tastefully slick pop with just the right touch of post-punk revival trendiness in their rhythm section. (Really, you'd never know they were from Athens Atlanta, GA...) Maybe this is what SoundTeam was aiming for but uh, didn't quite pull off...

Snowden -- Anti-Anti

Bonus: Bricolage Fantasy has Snowden's great cover of The Zombies' "Time of the Season" along with some other tracks, including a clutch of remixes... Though, honestly, I don't think the Radiohead influence is as strong as the BF crew seems to think it is.


Blogger Unknown said...

who am I to argue with snowden. If Snowden says they are influenced by Radiohead. I can only pass it on.. heh.. :D

PS. Hello there. glad to finally know your blog.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006 8:16:00 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

psst: Snowden's from Atlanta, not Athens — which is a great thing, because it's been a hell of a long time since a truly interesting rock band came out of the ATL.

Also, I wanted to say thanks for posting that Midlake "Marion" track ... it reminds me of all that beautiful Rufus Wainwright, circa Rufus Wainwright, before his delusions of grandeur REALLY started to kick in. Why is it that every Midlake song I've heard from The Trials of Van Occupanther reminds me of another really good song, each by a different band? I can't decide how I feel about that. Hm.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 10:35:00 AM  
Blogger cindy hotpoint said...

*sigh* Damn the ubiqutiy of Radiohead. Wish people would go back to the source material when giving interview responses about influences, though. Believe me, little up-and-coming Indie bands, you don't sound pretentious -- it's better than being the 10,000th band to cite "Radiohead" as an influence. (Nice to meet you too, Squashed!)

Sara -- Oops, my bad! Thanks, I'll fix that... It's true, "Marion" is way early Rufus, I think that's why I like it so. The great thing about Midlake's influences (and this is related, kind of, to my comments in the previous paragraph) you can't pin down one or two (ie, on their earlier work, it was clear they were devotees of The Flaming Lips ... and Radiohead. But somewhere along the way, they've digested Neil Young and Gram Parsons and Love and the Beach Boys, and it all seems to work out quite well in the end...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 1:53:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously just teared up with joy listening to the mountain goats covering pavement, 2 of my two favourite bands.

Thank You

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 3:40:00 AM  

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