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02 February 2007

Believe me when I tell you that starting a new job is a lot more traumatic than I remembered. Ok, not traumatic, really -- just stressful. I apparently coasted through the first week on pure adrenaline and endorphins; the tail end week two found me having a small meltdown last night that actually wasn't related to anything that had happened in the office, or anything work related at all, really. Suffice it to say that drunk assholes at theme bars in Chelsea are a real downer. To top it all off, I have not one good commuting story, and I haven't seen my subway crush (the air trumpeter...) all week. So sad.

I'm sad to say that because of my general cruddy state of mind and general exhaustion, I missed the Harlem Shakes' EP release show last night with Get Him Eat Him. I did, however, spend a pleasant evening Wednesday at Moe's in Ft. Greene chatting with Andrew Spencer Goldman of Fulton Lights about his fantastic new record -- the results of that interview are in the queue for next week.

So anyway, I had this grand plan to post a whole bunch of stuff Wednesday, then it was yesterday, and now it's 4pm on Friday, and I'm basically reduced to penning an apology for a week of silence and promise that I'm totally getting my act together this weekend because the next few weeks are gonna be rad. (Can you say: shows from The Arcade Fire, Sparrow House, Calla, and Celebration? Plus our dj set at the February edition of Neon Lights at The Delancey on Saturday, Feb. 17th, featuring Sunny Day in Glasgow, Apache Beat, The Muggabears and Please Dept., as well as a late DJ set from Jay from Cassettes Won't Listen. (We'll be your pre-and-between set selectors.) And look, I made a rad flyer!

I will share one thing with you right this very second, because you simply must start your weekend with some deliciously sugar-coated tweeness with a dark, gooey center: meet TheFancyDressParty. Really, I can't encourage you more to check out these adorable and rough-around-the-edges kids from South Woodham Ferrers, Essex. There's one new-ish track to download on their site, "Playing With Lego," that's like a dour twee dirge. The real winner there though is "Long After Me" -- I especially recommend it for Camera Obscura fans. (You'll see...0 As soon as I can get my hands on some of this to share with you properly, I will. Promise. And, oh yeah -- did I mention that they're impossibly young and bursting with tons of potential? Well, now you know.

Okay, have a good weekend. I'm sleeping in for sure.

(ps -- check out the newly revamped Clap Clap blog...)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gah. Every Beggars Band EVAR is playing next week...well, not really, but it feels like it. Also, Snowden on the 17th.

5:30 at Black Door? 5:30 at Black Door.

Friday, February 02, 2007 5:09:00 PM  

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