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18 February 2008

Happy President's day, y'all!

Okay, so we have this Audacity thing, and thus the power to create the unholy multi-track compilation thingies like the ones we subjected you to for everyone's least favorite cash-generating guilt fest. Now that there's a real holiday resulting in a day off for certain varieties of wage earners, we're bringing you another mix. This particular one was made sometime in 2002 on MiniDisc for a roadtrip from Austin to Dallas. Though the trip was aborted and the disc later transferred to CD, this collection of songs lived on in infamy in my car, because there was always a slim chance of an emergency in which italo disco might be required. Somehow during the move to NYC, the CD was tucked into a homemade sleeve for a His Name is Alive rarities compilation that Andrea from Warped Reality made for me...also back in 2002/3. I found it last week. Clearly, one should keep her flamingly gay dance mixes filed next to Livonia.

Cindy can talk about EuroVision all she wants, but italo is where it's at. And truthfully, I didn't put enough italo on this mix, but my friend Mercedes Benzedrina was going to Dallas with me, and I knew he'd hit me between reminiscences about dancing in a cage for money at 7th and Red River when it was still the center of the universe, when there was a bartender at the Crossing (now Spiro's) who answered to "Granny." At the time in history at which these events occurred, Kylie Minogue was still doing the locomotion, and walking shorts and blazers were acceptable attire for club-going gentlemen. Thankfully, I was too young to witness this carnage in person, though I do know the words to all of Stock, Aitken & Waterman's hits. Follow links A, B, and C for some of the worst of italo...or some of the best, depending on your point of view. And follow this link to the...

TRGAW Disco Mix

We didn't listen to this after converting to mp3, so if there are any glitches let us know.

Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream

This post is respectfully dedicated to John Tyler (not to be confused with John Taylor, though he does appear below and on this mix). In consulting Wikipedia's list of presidents, Tyler was the only one we'd never heard of...and he was responsible for the annexation of Texas. Duh!

Duran Duran - New Moon on Monday (not really italo, but it's my favorite)

Oh hell, I hate YouTube...

Japan - Gentlemen Take (because it's never to late at night to look at Dave Sylvian)

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Blogger juliet small ernst said...

i just discovered your blog and am THRILLED. this is great news.

i am downloading your valentine's day mixes, as well as today's, as we speak.

say--what are your favorite music/mp3 blogs? i'd be delighted to know.

thanks so much,
juliet small ernst

Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:31:00 AM  

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