The Rich Girls Are Weeping

15 February 2008

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So, did you survive your Valentine's Day? Here's my mix for you! It's a little less cohesive than Pinkie's, and a little less sentimental, but sappy all the same. That's me to the core, I guess. Weird and sappy.

I promise, I didn't make this with any gentleman in mind, really -- save perhaps, the one who thinks this is the best mix ever. In that case, that young man should email me posthaste for a torrid correspondence. It will be awesome.

Side One
Side Two


On the calendar this weekend is The Vanity Set's cabaret-freak-folk-goth-happening at Southpaw Saturday (2/16) -- it's their first show in three years; alas, to do that we'll probably have to miss White Rabbits and Effi Briest at the BAM (for free!!, 8pm) and Blacklist at THE X RATED PANTY PARTY (ew! you guys!) at Don Hill's. If you go, make sure to get a picture of Minor with someone's frilly drawers on his head. Srsly. Do it.



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