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06 March 2008

(photo credit: Cambria Harkey; location: End of an Ear, our favorite wrecka sto in THE WHOLE WORLD.)

Oh, my bad! Yesterday we were so uh, excited by sexy old bastards that we forgot to tell you that our Austin homeboys, What Made Milwaukee Famous, have a new album out, too! And a sassy video with fencing (and Farmer in an eyepatch!) for the first single, "Sultan." And Lance Armstrong. We're not a fan of the latter, but hey -- they share management, so.

Here's some old, old tracks from the pre-Barsuk version of Trying To Never Catch Up -- the one gift that my awful ex-boyfriend bought me (immediately after I saw the band play for the first time, sometime in 2002) that I actually still have. And remind me to tell you why I have a vintage seal fur coat sometime, instead of those damn William T. Vollman books he bought me. Anyway, my fave is "Hellodrama;" Pinkie prefers "Around the Gills," a track that didn't make it on to the Barsuk version of the album.

What Made Milwaukee Famous -- Hellodrama
What Made Milwaukee Famous -- Around the Gills

And here's a sample track from the new album, What Doesn't Kill Us.

What Made Milwaukee Famous -- Resistance St.

This is special shout-out to Joanna, awesome cookbook author and new mommy, who introduced me to Milwaukee initially; she was also with us the first time Pinkie saw the band, at Emo's Free Week 2005 with The Chapters and This Microwave World. Wow, things sure have changed since then. Damn.

WWMF are on tour this spring with Louis XIV -- check 'em out when they come your way, they're great live. As proof -- here's some highlights from WMMF's legendary "Austin City Limits" appearance, wherein they totally destroyed headliners Franz Ferdinand.

What Made Milwaukee Famous, Austin City Limits, Video Highlights

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Hey! We're hipster douchebags! And this guy said so. (Quel Chicago!) Pinkie's telling me that I am a hipster, and well, I guess it really is the douchebag part I take issue with, actually. I bet he just had to say something shitty because we like Eno. Anyway, too bad there's no comments in the Electrical Audio LOLbini thread from Steve himself. Oh, and. I didn't use proper LOLgrammar because hello, it's Steve Albini! Like he'd ever use imperfect grammar! Duh.

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