The Rich Girls Are Weeping

01 July 2008

And so you say to us, Cindy, Pinkie -- what is pleasing to you tonight?

And we reply: Michelle Williams' showy, glowy club anthem "Break the Dawn" -- girl, may we please borrow your dancers? Pretty please?

[And, summer jam watchers -- this is being pushed with roughly the same strategy as "Umbrella" ... hit in the clubs with a bolted-on rap version (with Flo Rida instead of Jay-Z, natch) for the Hot 100 chart position.]

We hope you are doing well so far this summer; I got a sassy vintage banana seat bicycle & Pinkie found some classy art deco jewelery @ the Brooklyn Flea over the weekend, which was fun, despite the pouring rain.

Oh, and are happy to report two things: Le Poisson Rouge is a lovely, if slightly stiff venue and Andrew WK is playing bass for Baby Dee, and he's lookin' fiiiiine (her whole band is pretty fabbo, actually). It was a lovely, intimate show, even if the bar didn't have Campari and the seat covers were a little ... rough. Looking forward to seeing more shows there in the future -- especially if they continue to use Brown Paper Tickets. Seriously. Surely I'm not the only one peeved that Ticketmaster is borderline gouge-y with the fees for Bowery Presents shows.

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