The Rich Girls Are Weeping

24 July 2006

And it's all clear to me now -- the proper way to style Sound Team's name in text. Not SOUNDteam or SoundTEAM or SoundTeam, but Sound Team -- because People magazine is clearly the authority on correct usage. Or something. And oh, okay, so this is what all that marketing money was going towards. Believe me, a review in People really isn't anything to sneeze at; what you can't see is that on the previous page, the lead review was the new Tom Petty album. I found this flipping through People in the grocery check-out line -- so sue me, I wanted to read about Sandy and Jesse. I think they're about the most adorable celeb couple ever. Also, this just in: Oprah's not gay. But I digress.

This is also when it should come clear to you as well, fellow indie music fans and music bloggers, that the Sound Team album isn't aimed at you as a consumer. To repeat: You are not the target audience, but I bet Capitol thanks you oh-so-very-kindly for building that grassroots buzz! (You did catch that, right? Okay, just checking.)

ps -- We totally overheard someone complaining to the clerks at Waterloo about the price of the album ($18.98, if you'll recall...) over the weekend. It's not discounted there, apparently -- which I find really interesting, since they go to great efforts to discount new titles from local artists.

For my Austin peeps -- join us tomorrow at Red Eyed Fly and check out Miranda Sound, one of the first bands signed to Rob from's label, Sunken Treasure. Miranda Sound brings the smart, breezy indie pop action with a heaping helping of old school emo (not that new crap that calls itself emo -- think early Jimmy Eat World and Promise Ring) -- which is to say there's a little more kick from the rhythm section than their more milquetoast counterparts. Anyway, they're promising, even if the lyrics can be a bit clunky and stilted now and then. Miranda Sound are crossing the country right now, if you're not in Austin, catch one of their other dates near you.

Miranda Sound -- The Lull of Youngstown


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