The Rich Girls Are Weeping

20 June 2006

Sometimes you're having a really trying day. It happens. Meetings, too much work, stress stress stress from personal things and life in general.

...But then you hear something like this: The entire crowd at the recent Mountain Goats show in San Francisco singing "No Children." (via Largehearted Boy) Mr. John Darnielle's been way under the weather on the West Coast tour (send him happy get-well thoughts, okay?). In an effort to give him a little bit of a respite during the set, the crowd took up the charge and performed the whole song for him. I am not ashamed to tell you that it totally made me cry (though, I am already feeling pretty emo today, so ...) -- it's moments like this that makes the live music experience so very special. Makes me wish I'd been there. (Relatedly: Brian at Bows+Arrows has a new tMG track, "Woke Up New," from eEmusic's Pitchfork Fest compilation (check it out, it contains lots of amazing stuff for free, guilt free...). I'd been tipped off from a few sources who'd heard the demos of the new material that will be on Get Lonely (scheduled for release on August 22) that the new songs were heart-rending and spectacular -- and if this track is any indication, they were absolutely right about that.)

Pinkie and I missed The Walkmen's show last night due to some ratkilling that had to take place, namely an all-day excursion that involved a drive to Fort Worth and back. Both of us have yet to see them play live after years of being big fans, which made us kind of sad -- but we were just too exhausted and wouldn't've had a very good time. It always seems that there's one or two bands that are like that -- you love 'em to death, but never get to see them live. M83 is another band I'm always missing when they come to town -- and Tilly and the Wall as well.

Oh! And don't forget -- we'll be DJing Friday night at Emo's corner bar!

Come by after the Sonic Youth show and dance, dance, dance. We'll deliver the goods!

Oh and! When I asked about my favorite song of 2006 (so far) -- it was no contest. Matmos' "Steam and Sequins for Larry Levan" was the hands-down winner. Read what other bloggers had to say on the topic at Mars Needs Guitars.


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