The Rich Girls Are Weeping

26 June 2006

When news breaks, we...fix it...or something. Just in from MySpace: Longtime TRGAW pals and all-around adorable people Voxtrot have signed (as we suspected) with Beggars on the Playlouder imprint (think Serena Maneesh). This is totally neat. Not to brag or anything, but it's nice to finally mention this as we've heard rumblings of the news from people who know, etc. for weeks (months?). And this is completely unscientific, but we're pretty sure that leading up to SXSW 2005, we, in another--and equally spectacular--guise may have helped this happen...just a teensy bit.

Voxtrot play in Brooklyn at the end of the month with a whole bunch of other people. Birthday boy and World Cup fan Ramesh Srivastava also DJs all over NYC on the 29th and 30th. Go see him, and not just because he's cute and says "totes" almost as often as we do.


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