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27 October 2006

Cindy Hotpoint & Pinkie Von Bloom's weekend to-do list:

1) dj party Friday night
2) Sewing, job applications, knitting, apartment tidying, library DVD drop-off. In other words, general TRGAW Saturday stuff. It's hard work being this glamourous (tm).
3) Cindy's going to a Texas Book Festival event to make eyes at this writer guy she's had an embarassing crush on for like, six years. No, she's not telling which.
4) Voxtrot show Saturday night!
5) Potentially hazardous pumpkin carving party Sunday! With cocktails!
6) The Mountain Goats show Sunday night! OMG YAY!

Really, it's not always this busy, we swear! Well, not often, anyway.

Enjoy yr. weekend. Be careful carving those punkins!

In HIGH (and ultra-brief and rather international) DEMAND today:

Rinôçérôse -- Get Ready Now (David Amo and Julio Navas Remix). For Chacal: Have a dance party break to break up all that studying! (site) (remixers)

Sara Isaksson and Rebecka Törnqvist -- Do It Again (Steely Dan cover)
. Swedish piano jazz chanteuses take on Steely Dan on their album Fire in the Hole. This track's some lovely stuff -- the rest of the album is kind of mixed -- but then again, you kind of want to make your cover of The Hit shine. (info)

Janis Siegel -- Hidden Place. 1/4 of vocalese heroes The Manhattan Transfer (Remind me to tell you sometime why they totally, totally rule. Oh goodness, I can hear you mocking me already. Stop!) takes on Bjork, in a saucy Latin jazz kind of way. And it totally works. (info)

We Are Scientists -- This Scene Is Dead (Pete Predictable Remix). We know that WAS can sound like The Velvet Underground -- well, here they remix to sound uncannily like a certain electro-rock dance punk band. But in a good way! And hey, remember when we saw WAS at SXSW, and Seymour Stein was standing next to us and it was INSANE? Or when they played with Neal Pollack about a billion years ago (aka 2001)? Who knew it'd all come to this? WAS have a new collection of b-sides and rarities and videos out next week -- Crap Attack (sadly, it seems to be UK/Germany-only, but you can order it from them directly later in November) -- rock on, Art Brut 47! (info)

ps -- Check out DJ Paul V's Smash-o-Ween 2006 mix to get you in a right spooky mood this weekend!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

jes'so'syano (is that how you write it?)...

this is the most impracticable weekend to take off and have a dance party, but i do most certainly love the idea. ok class, now for monday, a half page each to summate: camus' "myth of sisyphus" and a cs lewis sermon for the accelerated persuasion and argument seminar. then for tuesday don't forget to...draft a composition pedagogy seminar paper (whose length is, "whatever it takes for you to say what you need" or at least a 10 page with 7-8 resources); and! a book report for research methods of self-development and college writing by nick tingle.

oh, and don't forget to finish grading those freshman comp analysis essays...

pardon me, while i set up the espresso machine and make a few's going to be a long, long time until tuesay, 6:00 p.m.

Friday, October 27, 2006 10:44:00 PM  
Blogger Wayne Massingham said...

how was voxtrot?

Monday, October 30, 2006 9:29:00 AM  

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