The Rich Girls Are Weeping

11 February 2008

(photo by Aubrey Edwards)

So, ok. The Dale Watson report is that ... there is no Dale Watson report, and there are 5 unhappy girls (four from Austin, one from Cleveland) in NYC right now. We'd planned to make Aubrey, Melissa, and Stephanie honorary Rich Girls and go swoon over Mr. Watson at the Rodeo Bar, but sadly, his dates last weekend were canceled. If we were in Austin, we could see him any night this week -- but since we're not, we're all real bummed. We are, however, monitoring his tour dates, and we promise, next time he comes around, there will indeed be a Dale Watson report.

Here's a gem ca. 1996, when we all still lived in Austin and Dale still believed in country music. (Yeah, that Austin is so long-gone now...) Suffice it to say, we're ready for you to mock us -- but we just can't resist a man in a silly silver suit.

Speaking of renegade country music crushes, we found this video on YouTube of our fave steel guitar savant Chris Scruggs (a/k/a Our Very Favorite Part of SXSW 2006). This is what country music should sound like, y'all. It's the kind you can dance to. It makes us all mushy. We wuv you, Chris Scruggs! Hurry up and finish yr record! [Pinkie points out that Chris Scruggs is wearing the lovely blond Gretsch here, rather than sitting behind the pedal steel.]

Stay warm, y'all. It's freezing here in Brooklyn. [Literally.]

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