The Rich Girls Are Weeping

30 June 2006

Hell might be freezing over. Pitchfork and I actually agree on something (besides the fact that Matthew Herbert's Scale is fantastic) -- that Sound Team's Movie Monster leaves much to be desired, though I don't think I would have gone as low as 3.7. Not as harsh as a zero, but practically. But apparently, they don't hear any songs there either and also find it overstuffed and overburdened with references to a myriad of influences. I caught the video for "Your Eyes Are Liars" the other day; I swear, some major label VP said to his A&R staff, "Find me a band that sounds like those Killers fellows. Only they have to look more wholesome, like those guys from Death Cab for Cutie! And smart, maybe working in some McSweeney's references or something." Voila Sound Team!

In other news: Shake off your four day weekend/Fourth of July hangover and join Four Inches from the Cuff (MySpace) & The Rich Girls are Weeping at Emo's on Wednesday, July 5 at regular head-to-Emo's time (e.g. 10pm).

On the bill are:

The Ebb and Flow (MySpace)
The Hourly Radio (MySpace)
Protokoll (MySpace)
A Featherweight Burden

Be prepared for lush shoegazeriness, melodic bass, Aaron's completely amazing voice, a little mopey gothiness, some funk, and a teensy bit of prog-rock. You know...the usual stuff from us. Beaucoups thanks to Regan(!) and Phil for helping us pull this together.

I think I kind of shot my wad in yesterdays accidentally gigantic post... I think all I have left in the queue (of my brain) are my thoughts on The Dears' Gang of Losers (due out Aug. 6, 2006). It seemed slightly limp to me on first listen -- but yes, it's true, this is one of those albums that needs time to grow on you. Or maybe it won't be that way for you...maybe you'll love or hate it immediately. At any rate, I'm definitely all about "There Goes My Outfit" and "Find Our Way To Freedom" these days -- there's something about Murray Lightbourne's delivery and songwriting that reminds me of John Roderick of The Long Winters. They both have that freakishly consistent clarity of vision, both musically and lyrically, that's really quite enviable.

The Dears -- There Goes My Outfit
The Dears -- Find Our Way To Freedom

If you're feeling like doing some serious reading and thinking this weekend, dig into Herbert Brun's essay "The Listener's Interpretation of Music:An Experience Between Cause and Effect" (via Weird Weeds' Nick Hennies). There will be a quiz on Wednesday. (I'm kidding, I'm kidding!)


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