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24 August 2006

More hot link action! Not to make this the All-Sean Nelson-All-The-Time blog or anything, but here's an excerpt from his upcoming book for the 33 1/3 series on Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark. I'd thought about submitting a proposal to the fine Mr. Barker at Continuum, but couldn't narrow down my options. Shockingly, Court and Spark wasn't even on that list. At all. (I have something perfect picked for the next open call, though -- NO I'M NOT TELLING WHAT IT IS!)

For someone who loves menswear as much as I do (and er, as much as Pinkie does too, I might add) fall is a very special time of year. Oh yes, yes, yes indeed. We are not summer people. We like to be dressed, and see people who are dressed. Ya dig?

Who's next, bar mitzvah DJ's? Or, this is totes your fault, Ultragrrl. (We kid, of course...) The Wall Street Journal ran a story today about how young couples planning their weddings, with their impeccable taste and their iPods, are offering stiff competition to wedding DJs. BTW, according to Allison Emmerson, bride, graduate student, and White Stripes and Bowie fan: "Playing music is not brain surgery," she says. "If you have good music and you have a fun atmosphere, you're going to have people dancing." Someone get that girl a DJ gig on Tuesday nights at the new Alchemize in Cincy! However, I suppose you'll be glad to know that a) wedding DJ's don't generally have Weezer in their collections and b) high-priced wedding planners look down on the iPod as "unprofessional" so, you know, basically there isn't really a story here, now is there? (link good for seven days only!)

And, everyone's all over this -- but Say Hi To Your Mom needs a girl singer. Perhaps they're taking a page from the Bound Stems' playbook? Are there any other Lady InterWeb Celebs out there up for the task? All I can think of is Reese Witherspoon as June Carter in Walk The Line: "Get me out of this car with all these boys!"

And yeah, I know we already told you about The Blow's "Pile of Gold" already today, but The Anchor Center wins some prize for best track pimp of the day. SERIOUSLY. Go. Watch. Laugh.

Into the magic time machine. Or, what we added to the iTunes 2 years ago today. Or, I haven't had time to listen to anything new for days. Or, the only reason I even noticed this at all is because I've had to clean out my iTunes library on my work machine beacause it's too massive for words:
Beat Happening -- Our Secret
The Mountian Goats -- Cubs in Five
The Twilight Singers -- Hyperballad
Architecture in Helsinki -- Spring 2008
Frog Eyes -- The Oscillator's Hum
(I love how Carey Mercer sounds like a bizzaro Tom Jones. NO! REALLY!)


Blogger Andy Fenwick said...

Allison Emmerson, bride, graduate student, and White Stripes and Bowie fan really has it coming to her, because 1) she's too confident that everything will go right at her wedding and 2) you can try and play all the cool music you want at your wedding, but your wedding isn't for you, Allison, (and this kinda sucks, but that's why Mr. & Mrs. Parnell used city hall and a witness) it's for your guests and your family, and most of them like cheesy music, and there's gonna be some 13 year old who wants to hear Steps or Kevin Federline and she's gonna throw a fit in front of your rich uncle if you don't play it. And the old people want Tony Bennett, aka All That Can Be Done Wrong To Singing.

I once DJ-d a wedding for people who liked cool music and wanted cool music -- especially pretty, late 80s stuff during their dinner, like Cocteau Twins, Blue Nile, Kate Bush, etc, and that went well - and they wanted soul and new wave for dancing later - which went poorly, since I was plagued with requests from their cousins for the electric slide, etc, and the bride and groom seemed surprised. Other than them and a handful of peeps, no one would even dance to New Order's 'Blue Monday.'

Friday, August 25, 2006 12:03:00 PM  

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