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10 November 2006

[Editor's note: This entry also functions as a submission piece for a job application. Multitasking is neat!]

Sorry to be so late to the party, but we simply have to tell you our thoughts on Sufjan Stevens' appearance on "Austin City Limits" (the TV show mind you -- see local listings for repeat times) this week. And those thoughts would be: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. For instance, this song should have ripped, instead it sank like a stone.

However, if you make it through the stultifyingly dull first 30 minutes from Soof and the Winged Bird Crew -- not even Shara Worden's lovely vocals spiced things up, and playing "Spot the blogger/local hipster royalty/music journo!" in the crowd shots was boring; everyone's a beardo or a cute girl in a Threadless tee, and they ALL LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE -- the second half will save your soul. Our long-time faves Calexico delivered their signature solid, dusty music of the Southwest, complete with their amazing mariachi horn section and a guest appearance from Sam and Sarah Beam of Iron and Wine. Now that's a classic ACL moment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally agree, the shots of the drummer who seemed to be playing by numbers and the pianist was clinking away little chords were boring. Sufjan never seemed to connect with the audience or raise his voice above a speaking/singing level

unfortunately I had to bail before calexico came on, oh well it seems like I'll have thousands of times to catch them on repeat

Friday, November 10, 2006 6:07:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Sufjan always like that? I mean, even listening to his records leads to an eventual zzzzzzzzzzz. There are a few moments of brilliance on every one of his albums, but they are buried in the steady drone/whisper/sigh, repeat.

Calexico are/were good, but the whole thing was just too short to be very memorable, in general. Maybe that hurt Sufjan too, from reaching any momentum? (if he has any momentum). The price of being unknown indie artists. Barely get a half hour on an already short program, lest you bore the mainstream TV watchers...

Friday, November 10, 2006 6:25:00 PM  

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