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23 January 2006

Ever since I saw the Townes Van Zant documentary, Be Here to Love Me, I've been meaning to do a post here about the film and Townes' music. (Dammit, it's Townes Van Zandt, but I can't correct the spelling in the first sentence, or it messes up the links from my feed.) The kids over at La Blogotheque had a great post about his work over the weekend; it's in French though, which means I should probably still post about him eventually!

Anyway, here's a hodgepodge of things I found over the weekend. First up, I learned that Win and Will Butler of The Arcade Fire's grandfather was Alvino Rey (born Alvin Henry McBurney, he passed away in 2004), who led a big band in the 1940's and later went on to develop the steel guitar, have a career in the Exotica scene, and appear on the completely benign variety show, "The King Family Hour," with his wife, Luise King (of the King Singers) and something like 40 members of her massive musically inclined, Mormon family in the 60's. The most adorable thing about all this is that Win is the spitting image of his grandfather; I was quite amused by all the old pictures I found surfing around. Naturally, I've included the Alvino Rey Band's chart hit of 1942, "Deep in the Heart of Texas" (complete with the banter and advertisments) -- because even though The Arcade Fire is known as one of the lumiaries Montreal scene, we know that the Butlers are originally from the suburbs of Houston.

And now, for a complete 180, you must forgive me, but I'm really stuck on Missy Elliott's remix of Ashlee Simpson's "L.O.V.E." The song is so clearly some kind of bizzare "Let's stick together, girls!" response to Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl," and yet it has an appeal I can't quite put my finger on. Please don't mock me -- it really is a great remix. I swear!

And I'm also including yet another MSTRKRFT remix for you, of The Kills' "No Wow." I have a soft spot for VV and Hotel of The Kills; their music like the sonic equivalent of ... a spartan arthouse film about a dysfunctional relationship that has lots of tight interior shots and cold and distancing long exterior shots of the couple walking through the empty streets of an otherwise busy city, and this MSTRKRFT remix really enhances that uncomfortable tension.

Alvino Rey Orchestra -- Deep in the Heart of Texas
Ashlee Simpson feat. Missy Elliott -- L.O.V.E. (Missy's Underground Mix)
The Kills -- No Wow (MSTRKRFT Remix)


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