The Rich Girls Are Weeping

01 September 2006

So, I had this training module today about emotional intelligence and teamwork. At first I scoffed, I mean -- who is more empathetic than I? But as is always the case with cheezy career development workshops, I came out of it actually having learned a few things. Shocker!

Anyway, I keep seeing this article everywhere from the Observer, about how guitar sales in the UK are way up -- people are posting it's because of the Arctic Monkeys. But naturally, in my nerdy way, this makes me think of Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca...! Because everyone loves bizzaro, bleak, and gorgeous electric guitar driven instrumental music, right? OF COURSE RIGHT!

Rhys Chatham -- Drastic Classicism
Glenn Branca -- Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar

Have a good long weekend, everybody. If we're moved to post Monday, we might. But if we're not we uh, won't. See you at the Snowden show tonight? Sorry we're missing your show, Tacks The Boy Disaster, Golden Bear, and The Channel -- it's another one of those nights with too many things going on!


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