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18 October 2006

Super-brief bulletin: If my calculations are correct, the mp3s on this post won't be up for much longer -- in fact, it's technically been up for a day longer than the sell-by date: WFMU posts the entirety of Douglas Wolk's super-hard-to-find Obey The New Wave - 1980 and all that-- UK DIY, etc., a complation disc he made in 2001 as a pledge-drive premium for WFMU containing "23 blurts of intense, delicious, mysterious and staggeringly unusual UK DIY and art-post-punk, circa 1980." The Flying Lizards! Diagram Brothers! OMG YAY! (via Douglas Wolk, natch!)

Speaking of pledge-drive premiums, Austin's KUT started their pledge drive today. Give generously, kids! We especially <3 Twine Time on Saturday nights and TRGAW dulcet-voiced pal Laurie Gallardo's overnight shift from 11pm-3am on Fridays night/early Saturday. Plus, it totally makes us laugh when some of the wizened DJs play The Hold Steady or Sufjan Stevens. We are, however, TOTALLY SICK of hearing Ray LaMontagne every freakin' morning on Eklektikos.

Oh and, since Idolator has kindly leaked My Chemical Romance's "Mama" (with special guest, the uh, mama-fixated Liza Minnelli) and we're still on a French and Saunders kick -- a favorite sketch with Jennifer Saunders as La Liza. (Wish the quality was better, though...)

ps -- I know we should shut up about The Hold Steady, but: A nice interview @ The Onion AV Club clarifies a few things (but doesn't make me feel any better, really), and you probably should watch the video for "Chips Ahoy," if only to see Franz done up as Zorro.


Blogger Andy Fenwick said...

Obey the New Wave was posted? People want it? I own it. David Cunningham of Flying Lizards was a genius. What's really rare is Flying Lizards albums oter than the debut - which is wild throughout, "Herstory" being an amazing track -- and other than Top Ten a great covers album I own on vinyl.

And Hermine's "Torture." Delicious.

Thursday, October 19, 2006 11:02:00 PM  

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