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11 October 2006

We had a little pea soup and manicures party last night. I totally painted my fingernails black (with the cheapest thing I could find: NYC Black Lace Creme) and glossed the fuck out of them, like I saw was The Next Big Thing in some magazine whilst in the checkout line the other day (probably in an issue of OK! or some similarly low-rent celeb gossip rag). Anyway, they look surprisingly classy. Seriously. Pinkie, as ever, went for the more glam OPI shade of Lincoln Park After Dark, which always makes me laugh -- it's a totally gothy vamp color named after a highly gentrified, hipster neighborhood in Chicago. Unfortunately, we decided to watch the film version of RENT during all this. Not that I was ever the biggest fan of the musical, but the film was just cringeworthy. The only high point was the very tiny cameo from Broadway workhorse Randy Graff, who may be the first musician/singer/etc that I ever wrote a fan letter to. I think I was about 13 -- she sent me a photo and a letter on stationary printed with her Hirschfeld cariacture. I thought that was like, the neatest thing ever.

Totally charming (via Bows+Arrows): Will Sheff of Okkervil River posts some mp3s on the O.R.N.A.G. blog. It makes me secretly very happy that he's as much of a nerd for Arthur Russell as the rest of us. And by the rest of us I mean me and the nice young man from Black Country Grammar.

Everyone is sluggy with allergies today, it seems. Including me. There's not a whole lot going on this week, which is also okay, though I'm a little bummed that I missed Bound Stems last night...


Arthur Russell -- Keeping Up. I just told Pinkie this might be one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm not exaggerating. I would either like to see a modern dance piece set to this, but not a cheezy modern dance piece -- or a short film of some kind with time lapse photography, but not cheezy time lapse photography. (info)

All Saints -- Rock Steady (MSTRKRFT Edition).
Oh lordy, All Saints are back! And there's a MSTRKRFT remix! My excitement over this may make me about the lamest person ever. EVER. (site) (video)

Nirvana -- Come As You Are (Dirty Funker Remix). Ok, ok. Someone, somewhere (or perhaps several someones somehere) will think this is sacrelige. Personally, I think it's just the kind of thing I would play if I ever dj'd a bar/bat miztvah party, and the theme was high irony. "I was part of the historical process at Rachel Cohen's bat mitzvah!" That would be the giveaway t-shirt, for sure. (do I really need a link here?)

Isolee -- Hermelin. I'm still challenged by dance and electronic music genres, I just like what I like. Apparently, Isolee are micro funk, which doesn't exactly conjure up the most charming mental images, now does it? Whatever you call this, it's just really lovely -- smooth and pwangy at all the right moments, I love tiny motifs -- the sleighbell for a few seconds, the surprising whisper or steam press in the background, hardly noticed until the moment's passed. (site)

Alden Tyrell feat. Nancy Fortune -- La Voix (Isolators remix). Since we were gushing quality dance music, why not some Alden Tyrell too? This remix is super-Italodisco-tastic, which American Athlete pointed out, is NEVER a bad thing. (info)

Harvey Danger -- Cold Snap. If I were a music supervisor for a soapy nighttime drama about ... the complicated love lives of interns, or criminal attorneys, or pampered teenagers, I'd totally use this song in the "seasons change" episode that has tons of heartbreaky moments, including that farewell montage at the end of the hour. Just a hint. (site)


Blogger carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

omg, randy. didn't i make you an envelope for her? how time flies. too bad about rent, though. i just sent a netflix copy to the judge. oop ack-shhhhhhhh....don't tell her; the box just got sent yestaddy.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 6:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, just found your site a couple days ago and it's great. I totally agree with you on Rent. I recently sprained my ankle and have been sitting around on my arse for 10 days, which sounds like a lot more fun than it really is. The other day my mother decided that it would be the best thing in the world to get Rent and for us to watch it. Yes, I liked the soundtrack in high school but oh. my. god the film version is ridiculous! I know Chicago did ok, but whose idea was it to revive the movie musicals? Anyways, just wanted to let you know your site and all the great new music is helping me keep what's left of my sanity! Thanks.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 1:48:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By the way, that Nirvana track kicks! Also there is a sample in that song Of Eighties by Killing Joke - the song Nirvana ripped-off when they wrote Come As You Are. Thanks.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 10:36:00 PM  
Blogger carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

re: what kat said.

i think they revive movie musicals for 1. the one's thats doin' the singin' (most notably ms. c-z jones) and 2. a specific demographic (or several demographics), one of which being for girls, ages 12-17.

the judge may not have been through the phantom-fandom stage, but she did go on to frollick with rufus tunz, and got tripped up with rent only because she cares about the modern storyline, loves to dance, and loves opera.

while ppl will always argue whether something is good or bad, you can't argue with someone who cares.

Friday, October 13, 2006 7:13:00 PM  
Blogger jonthebeef said...

Ahhh... I'm a nice young man! Yippee!

And you're not too daft liking the new All Saints tune - I think it's ace too!

Who would win in a fight between Girls Aloud, Sugababes and All Saints? Hmm... that makes for a pleasant mental image.

Monday, October 16, 2006 6:48:00 PM  

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