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04 October 2006

Ok, an ordered list. I've been all over the place today and haven't had a minute for lunch, much less a post (of course, I've had plenty of time, though, to leave huge comments here and in other blogs, though -- but I digress!). Anyway, a few things:

1) Do you have an mp3 of The Hunger's "Never Again?" I'm asking on behalf of Miss Pinkie von Bloom, who could rip it from the vinyl, but I think she wanted to play it tonight. If you can help, email us at elegantfaker AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!

[NB from Pinkie: I can't rip it from vinyl. The cassette is somewhere at my parents' house, and the CD copy is at my ex's. As such, I need the mp3.]

2) So yes, tonight -- don't forget to come out and see us -- 9pm, Chain Drive (scroll down for the flyer). We want to see you! It'll be fun.

3) Being the good small-town Texas girls that we are, we of course made time to watch the tv version of "Friday Night Lights" last night, which is being filmed here in town. Just a mention of the film makes me tear up -- it's a West Texas thing, I guess; we're dorky and sentimental like that. The show was actually pretty good, and it was fun to spot the cameos and shooting locations. One complaint: the music for the series is by apparently by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden (who did the music for "The West Wing" and like, every TV show ever, apparently) -- the film was scored by darling local noisemakers Explosions In The Sky. (Really, the score and the cinematography pushed that film into over-the-top, goosebump-inducing wonderfulness.) It's easily one of my favorite film soundtracks of all time -- but, it's the kind of thing where I can't listen to it too often because it's just too heart-swellingly inspirational and it makes me want to go out and accomplish the unaccomplishable. Which, you know, I kind of already have a problem with... (ha!) So yeah, if my life had a soundtrack, it might just sound a little like this. With maybe Calla and Calexico too. Dusty. Isolated. Large in scope.

[NB from Pinkie: I, too, am from a big football town twelve or so hours to the east of the land of Friday Night Lights...and still five hours from the Louisiana or Arkansas state line. So my Texas has Houston, trees that stand for skyscrapers, narrow "pigtrail" rural highways, and sadly, Division Street probably still serves a purpose. Green. Quiet. And to quote Laura Palmer, "full of secrets." In my head, it sounds mostly like Calla, who are our coast flats homeboys, and Michelle Shocked, who can't be here to represent herself.]

Explosions In The Sky -- From West Texas
Explosions In The Sky -- To West Texas
Explosions In The Sky -- The Sky Above, The Field Below

Calla -- Initiate

Calexico -- Human (Goldfrapp cover)

...and, for good measure, one from The Mountain Goats' All Hail West Texas, natch. This song is full of such stunning detail, I can't even tell you what it was like to hear it the first time. Toyahvale. Sunset magazine. Jeff Davis County in general.

The Mountain Goats -- Jeff Davis County Blues (live @ 40 Watt Club, Athens, 8/10/2006)


Anonymous jeremiah said...

Twelve hours east and still five hours from the state line? I can't believe how freaking big that state is.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 9:45:00 AM  
Blogger chacal la chaise said...

yes. when we went to michigan to take the judge (aka cindy's sister) to msu, people wouldn't or couldn't understand that el paso is actually closer to los angeles than houston. not to mention the fact that people think we are in the central time zone (it's mountain), or that we are actually: a) part of new mexico, or b) part of mexico. but then, when we lived in santa fe, people thought city was in mexico.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 11:46:00 AM  
Anonymous save the album said...

not totally on topic, but...John Darnielle/Mountain Goats fans should check out this video he made about his favorite albums:

Thursday, October 05, 2006 1:45:00 PM  
Blogger cindy hotpoint said...

The above link, dear readers, is a viral marketing campaign for Insound, but the results are pretty neat. I mean, the soundrack to The Gospel at Colonus AND Boz Scaggs AND Jesu.

This is why we love JD, natch.

Thursday, October 05, 2006 4:47:00 PM  

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