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05 January 2006

Hey, guess what I just did? I checked the server stats, and fixed all the bad file names, so if you tried to download something on previous entries and got an error message (Nellie McKay, Tilly and the Wall, Les Mouches) -- they're all fixed now. Sorry about that, I'll be more diligent about checking file names in the future.

As a token of my regret, a few more treats for you. I discovered Sambassadeur in mid-2005, and was totally smitten. How could I not be -- bittersweet Swedish pop (
a la Jens Lekmman and The Concretes) with boy/girl vocals and a heavy '60s pop influence as well? (To me they sound quite a bit like early Magnetic Fields or early Spoon from an alternate universe -- must be that shared Wire influence.) Anyway, I think Sambassadeur is just fantastic.

Sambassadeur -- New Moon
(from the Sambassadeur's self-titled debut LP)

Sambassadeur -- Still Life Ahead
(from the Sambassadeur's self-titled debut LP)
Sambassadeur -- The Only Living Girl
(from the New Moon EP)

(more mp3s available at the
Sambassadeur site; buy their albums from Darla -- just search on the band's name for available LP and EPs. There's more sample tracks there too!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I totally agree, I think Sambassadeur is absolute fantastic and there album is maybe the best of 2005. I heard they are releasing some new songs soon, and I'm longing!

Friday, January 06, 2006 5:31:00 PM  

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