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11 January 2006

Quick post: old favorite, new album. I saw Josh Ritter open for John Wesley Harding in November 2002 at Austin's Cactus Cafe. I was struck by Mr. Ritter's awkward grace, charming exuberance, and gorgeous songs. I was not surprised to discover he was big in Ireland (just like The Frames!), despite being a relative unknown here in the US. Mr. Ritter's latest album, The Animal Years, is due out in March. His utter sincerity and rough-hewn voice should take that pipsqueak James Blount to school. Seriously. Below is one of my favorites from The Animal Years, the first song I've heard in ages that's a tribute to a silent film star.

Josh Ritter -- Lilian, Egypt

And here's an old favorite, from his 1999 self-titled debut album:

Josh Ritter -- Angels On Her Shoulders

...and one from 2003's
Hello Starling that I always seem to find myself putting on mix cds:

Josh Ritter -- Kathleen

(You can find
Josh Ritter's albums at Insound.)


Blogger R.E.M. Borja said...

I was foisting "Kathleen" on everyone I knew. Like you I kept on putting it on mix CD's to give to people. I can't wait for the new album!

Friday, January 27, 2006 2:31:00 PM  
Blogger Carnival said...

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