The Rich Girls Are Weeping

12 January 2006

Thursday recomendations. A big chunk of my time will be taken up by another project on the Interschnitzel for a little bit, so I'm switching over to a schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for mp3 posts, Tuesday and Thursday for general fodder posts.

Here's a couple of bands I've found via other mp3 blogs that have caught my attention recently: The chamber pop and glam stomp collision offered by Lincoln, Nebraska's rather unfortunately named Eagle*Seagull (they've garnered comparisons to the Arcade Fire, I'm not necessarily sure I agree -- the similiarities seem mostly superficial ones) and the delightful electrotweepop of Belfast residents Oppenheimer.

Links, for your pleasure:
you ain't no picasso on Eagle*Seagull
gorilla vs. bear on Oppenheimer


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