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23 February 2006

Won't you come on over for a slice of pie? Oh my goodness. It's not even noon yet, and it's been quite a day (weird stuff at work, SXSW wristband drama, and other random stuff) -- luckily I had some content planned for today! I will say, briefly, though, that the show last night (with Jonathan from Shearwater, Weird Weeds, and Baby Dee) was nothing short of a transcendent experience. You should have been there.

Anyway, this is the very last of my cache of Feist remixes -- and they're a little different from what I've posted before. mc DJ -- who you may know from his Sufjan Stevens and Fiona Apple remix projects (which I gushed about at DFG), or maybe from his recent appearance on Said the Gramaphone -- has whipped up three fantastic Feist remixes that he's given me the ok to repost here. A remix is just a remix, unless it's produced in an NYU dorm room -- that's what I always say.

Feist --Gatekeeper (mc DJ Electroshock Remix)
Feist -- Mushaboom (mc DJ Dirty Remix)
Feist -- When I was a Young Girl (mc DJ River Remix)

Also, in a throwback to the roots, such as is were, of this blog -- here's some lovely tracks from The Watson Twins' EP, Southern Manners. Gorgeous stuff, reminiscent of Laura Nyro and Emmylou Harris with a tiny dash of Van Morrison and Gram Parsons too.

The Watson Twins -- Shoot the Lights Out
The Watson Twins -- Southern Manners

Okay, I need a hug, and possibly a good, stiff drink. In that order. Also, some cookies. I'd even totally settle for someone bringing me lunch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Watson Twins tracks are charming. Thanks.

Monday, February 27, 2006 10:25:00 PM  

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