The Rich Girls Are Weeping

31 March 2006

We love you. And we love The Hourly Radio. We've posted a nice entry about them over at, but we know this is where people come for the sample tuneage (and uh, this is the blog that's on all the aggregators), so the actual tracks are living over here; the flowery text is over on the pink and black site.

From their ep, The Lure of the Underground:

The Hourly Radio -- First Love Is Forever
The Hourly Radio -- Lost + Found

And from their forthcoming album, History Will Never Hold Me (due out in April):

The Hourly Radio -- Not A Victim

And don't forget to check out iTunes Music Store for more, if you like what you hear here. In keeping with the Friday danceability theme, it really is kind of imperative that you download "Crime Does Pay" -- I challenge you not to dance to it!


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