The Rich Girls Are Weeping

17 November 2006

Remember that time we went to see Neko Case tape her "Austin City Limits" appearance? It was about the most amazing thing ever, and yes, that really is why I won't ever go to another "Austin City Limits" taping ever again. It was that sublime and profound. No, I'm really not exaggerating.

This is a song that has yet to appear on any of Case's records, "Behind the House," sometimes known as "Flaming Sword." Unfortunately, you can't see me in these crowd shots, but if you watch the rest of the DVD, you totally can. Plus, Kelly Hogan's story about her grandma thinking the show is actually taped out-of-doors was pretty priceless too. (Thx Chromewaves -- he's got a nice new site design, btw. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.)


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