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17 January 2007

Dear Internet: I'm getting "stairmaster ass" -- how are you today? I think I must take at least 20 flights of stairs a day now, which, you know, I'm not really complaining about because at least I'm way more fit now and I've lost some weight, which is always a good thing. But did it have to come with stairmaster ass? Ahh, well.

On a more serious note, I'm heading in to town tonight (which is sure to be ULTRA COLD, finally) to see Andrew Bird @ the Bowery Ballroom. I'm more than thrilled because, for some reason, Mr Bird hadn't played in Austin (outside of SXSW) since May of 2001. To top it off, I haven't seen him play, literally, since SXSW 2004, when some gal pals and I saw him whip out a sweet little set at the Borders in Westgate, in front of the wall of headphones and audio accessories next to the magazines. (No, not kidding!) So yes, I'm ultra-excited.

If you weren't able to score tix to this super sold-out show, a similarly wonderful option is My Brightest Diamond's appearance at Tonic. If you saw the last round of Sufjan Stevens' tours, you probably marveled the lovely raven-haired warbler at his side. That was Shara Worden, aka My Brightest Diamond. She's got the most amazing musical pedigree in indie rock right now (well, outside of the Arcade Fire's Butler brothers and their pedal steel-inventing grandfather) -- a classically trained singer, she comes from a long line of musicians, including her father, an accordion champion! As a result, unlike most of the flimsy chick singer-songwriters out there, Shara's complex compositions have heft and bite, but still exude warmth and profound intimacy. Comparisons to the Tori Amos School of Piano Bench Writhing abound, but Ms. Worden's songwriting has distinct lack of carefully constructed shock value and is never that distancing or weird or off-putting.

My Brightest Diamond -- Something of an End (via the Asthmatic Kitty Site, hear more at her MySpace)

My Brightest Diamond -- Dragonfly

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