The Rich Girls Are Weeping

26 December 2006

We had no water when we finally crawled out of our respective beds today at noon (...and yes, it's true, we do sometimes call each other when we're both in the house because we live on different floors of The Castle) -- we stayed up way too late watching old Cary Grant movies on Turner Classic -- so we basically got nothing done today. The plumbers finally came back to finish what they started around 4 o'clock. Oh well, we needed a break, actually -- it was the first day in ages, it seemed, that neither of us had to be anywhere or do anything major since the move. So believe you me, we're really enjoying it. I'm pulling together our best-of 2006 and catching up on a months' worth of mp3 blog posts -- which is something I wouldn't really recommend, mostly because you'll get really worked up over a three-week-old post and be able to do nothing about it but you know, like, rant to thin air. Oh, Internet! I've missed you so. Recent album leaks are a bit more interesting, but I may need a few days to pull together some good tracks for you to check out.

In the meantime, here's some tracks from A Charlie Brown Christmas, as suggested by my mom to extend the holiday goodness just a little longer -- she's always ready to send me something fun when I'm having technical difficulties. Enjoy!

Vince Guaraldi Trio -- O Tannenbaum
Vince Guaraldi Trio -- What Child Is This?
Vince Guaraldi Trio -- Christmas Time Is Here (Instrumental)
Vince Guaraldi Trio -- Christmas Time Is Here (Vocal)


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