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05 January 2007

Oh, dude. I know, I said "More later..." and then my whole day just kind of ... disappeared. I wrote a lot of emails, mostly. Oh, internet, you're so HORRIBLE sometimes!

Anyway, some newsy items:

Craigslist + The Arcade Fire tickets continue to entertain. Are you a "HOT sexy CHICK?" THIS GUY WANTS TO TAKE YOU TO SEE THE ARCADE FIRE ON THE 17th. Um, I think I'm busy that night, dude -- oh wait, I am, really. We're djing the Neon Lights party that night. BTW, Christian -- nice girls don't "make it count" with guys they've only known for one night.

Apparently, the people who own Austin's Longbranch Inn (specifically, if I'm not mistaken, Mark Andes from Heart) have taken over Red's Scoot Inn and remodeled and rebranded it as the just the plain ol' Scoot Inn. I'm not sure how I feel about this -- someone go to this event for me and report back. I always liked the charming ramshackle nature of Red's Scoot -- is it still wonderful? Or horrid beyond belief? Most importantly, is there a better PA?

Back on the NYC side of things, The Hold Steady (remember them?) are playing on Letterman (YES REALLY) on January 11th. If you're in town, head to the HiFi for the "viewing" party:
The Hold Steady post-Letterman "Viewing" Party
Thursday 1/11/07 11P-1A
Hi-Fi (169 Ave. A)
$3 Brooklyn Lager, Pilsner & IPA's
...& suprirses??!! (Ed note: Look, I just cut and paste, I don't spell check.)

Sidebar: Why do I always talk about Heart and The Hold Steady in the same post? Seriously. Is it because Tad Kubeler is secretly wants to be a member of Heart? Enquiring minds want to know. (Though, Pinkie has piped up that Nancy and Howard kick Tad's keister in a catchy riff-off. Or something.)

Heart -- Crazy On You
The Hold Steady -- The Swish.
(sorry for the reposts, I'm just trying to get this up and published before like, 8pm.)

Over at, Otis Fodder brings back the 365 Days Project -- a daily blog of the exotic, weird, and just plain odd in his (and assorted contributors') record collections. Remember how great it was in 2003? Well, it's expanded to potentially include entire albums this time around in 2007 -- hooray for cheap bandwidth! I'm totes thrilled!

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Blogger carolyn rhea drapes aka chacal said...

i think you have heart emblazoned on your brain. it dates back to the time when mj and i went to the colloseum to see one of their last shows.

also, that was the last time i stood on a concert floor near a stage replete with green smoke, broken bottles, and bad seed girls spewing all.

yes, that show was great.

Friday, January 05, 2007 9:13:00 PM  

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